The Arrival of the ‘Murray McDavid’ into the Heart of Glasgow

Oct 30, 2020 | News

Fun and laughter aboard the ‘Murray McDavid’ where we greeted guests from the drinks industry with a dram followed by a trip up the River Clyde and another dram or two. A fine day to celebrate the restoration of our traditional wooden pilot boat and it’s new home, Kelvin Harbour in the heart of Glasgow.

As the ‘Murray McDavid’ made her way up the river, our guests enjoyed the modern landscape of Glasgow whilst local piper Steven Dewar performed a range of traditional Scottish anthems.

Below deck, our range of inspired Scotch whiskies were being enjoyed and discussed by a group of representatives from the Scotch Whisky Association, in particular our 21yo Mortlach.

During the summer months, the boat will also take sailing trips to the whisky islands to take part in whisky festivals and cultural events, with a variety of fun whisky destinations. Corporate events and tasting groups can take advantage of the location in the cultural heart of Glasgow, enjoying bespoke tasting sessions and private bookings. For more information on the ‘Murray McDavid’ email Brand Ambassador Dean Jode on