Crafted Blend 2019

To make this special blended Scotch whisky, our third batch of Rìgh Seumas II (pronounced ray shay-muss), we’re rebelling against modern mediocre blends. We have brought together a dram worthy of kings, luxuriously consisting of 70% single malts with 30% grain whiskies from North British and Invergordon. At the heart of this powerful blend, inspired by Jim McEwan, is the spirit of Bruichladdich, along with mature malts from Arran, Tobermory, Auchentoshan and Old Rhosdhu, all matured in a fabulous Bordeaux red wine barrique. The arts of maturation and blending at their very best.

Nose: red fruit, barbecued lime, candied fruit
Palate: oak char, smoked nuts, fennel
Finish: Sherry & Wine Hhds
Aged 10 Years
Blended Scotch Whisky
Crafted Blend

Region Is, Spey, High, Low

Bottled 2019

Wood Bourbon hogshead

Finish Sherry & Wine Hhds

Cask 3

Limited Release
Bottled from 2 casks, 1 of 914
70 cl ℮50% Vol