North British

Select Grain 2022

Since 1885, North British Distillery’s output has been the base spirit of choice for master blenders. Rather than put this outstanding liquid into a blend, we present it to you as a single grain whisky that’s been interestingly finished in American oat whiskey casks, from our partners Koval Distillery, in Chicago.

The Whisky Creations Team chose to finish this teenage North British spirit for 2½ years in exotic oat grain whiskey casks to imbue an extra creaminess to the single grain Scotch whisky. This is a rare beast indeed which perfectly demonstrates the Art of Maturation.

Nose: creamy vanilla, fresh pastry, oak
Palate: oily grain, milky latte, hint of citrus
Finish: gentle mouthfeel, sweet and spicy


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Aged 14 Years
Single Grain Scotch Whisky
Select Grain

Region Lowland

Bottled 2022

Wood Bourbon hogshead

Finish 1st fill Koval Oat

Cask 3306933 / 933A / 930 / 930A / 931

Bottled from three casks, one of 625
70 cl ℮46% Vol