North British

Mission Gold 2021

Built in 1885, North British Distillery is one of Scotland’s most important producers of whisky. This exceptional single grain has been the base spirit of choice for master blenders for 136 years. Today, we recognise this iconic whisky in its pure form having been matured for a whole thirty-two years! With an unprecedented final four years maturing in American rye whiskey casks from our partners, Koval Distillery in Chicago, the character of the North British grain spirit has developed richness and splendour. It’s an absolute favourite amongst our Whisky Creations Team; a single grain whisky that truly deserves its place within our prestigious Mission Gold series.

Nose: grilled pears, fresh apples, rich vanilla
Palate: apple pastry, sweet oak, allspice
Finish: 1st Fill Koval Rye


Aged 32 Years
Single Grain Scotch Whisky
Mission Gold

Region Lowland

Bottled 2021

Wood Bourbon hogshead

Finish 1st Fill Koval Rye

2021 Release
Bottled from 3 casks, 1 of 405
70 cl ℮48% Vol