Benchmark Autumn 2023

Mannochmore Distillery, unusually, was built on the grounds of the much older Glenlossie Distillery; each produces its own style of whisky. The distilleries are close to our whisky warehouses at Coleburn, where we’ve matured this Mannochmore spirit in Port barriques from Caves de Murça, our cask partners in Portugal.

Initially filled into standard hogsheads, this light, fruity spirit developed a pleasing complexity and, in order to nurture it further and develop colour, we finished it in Tawny Port barriques for its final two years. This artfully matured single malt serves up a tasty dram to sip, savour and enjoy!

Nose: red currants, heavy malt, cocoa
Palate: rich cereal, fruity chocolate, oak
Finish: robust, big spice, mellow fruits
Aged 9 Years
Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Region Speyside

Bottled Autumn 2023

Wood Bourbon Hogshead

Finish 1st fill Murça Tawny Port

Limited Release
One of 1800
70 cl ℮50% Vol