Loch Ìle

Crafted Blend Summer 2017

This Crafted Blend is a marriage of two legendary Islay malts, Bowmore and Laphroaig, and a creamy, sweet grain whisky from Loch Lomond made from maize. Together, all three spirits were finished in a fresh wine barrique from Madeira, giving this dram a lovely orange blush. This is a favourite amongst all of us here at Murray McDavid; a whisky we are very proud of. Both the Art of Maturation and whisky blending are showcased in this truly delightful dram.

Nose: coastal, dried apricots, blossom honey
Palate: sweet smoke, creamy fruits, floral
Finish: 1st fill Madeira Brq


Aged 19 Years
Blended Scotch Whisky
Crafted Blend

Region Islay & Highlands

Bottled Summer 2017

Wood Bourbon Hogshead

Finish 1st fill Madeira Brq

Cask 001

Limited Release
Bottled from two casks, 1 of 574
70 cl ℮46% Vol