Half ‘N’ Half

Crafted Blend 2022

An homage to a classic, traditional combination, born in the bars of Glasgow. The half ‘n’ half is a Scotch whisky and a half pint of beer. Our Half ‘n’ Half is a unique blend of 50% single malt from four Speyside distilleries and 50% creamy highland single grain whisky.

For this limited edition blend, we have collaborated with our local brewery, Spey Valley, providing them with our empty casks to age their rich, creamy stout; we then used these beer-soaked hogsheads to further mature our graceful blend – resulting in a deliciously indulgent dram.

Nose: sweet malt, milk chocolate, vanilla
Palate: creamy cereal, spicy latte, soft fruits
Finish: mellow oak spice, fruity malt, oatcake
Aged 11 Years
Scotch Whisky
Crafted Blend

Region Spey/Low

Bottled 2022

Wood Bourbon hogshead

Finish 1st fill Spey Valley Stout

Bottled from four casks, one of 1428
70 cl ℮46% Vol