Benchmark Whisky Live 2020

The Craigellachie Distillery is an unmissable sight, with its traditional pagoda and glass-walled stillhouse in the heart of Speyside. Proudly displayed are their handsome copper stills, easily seen from the outside, giving you an idea of the power that makes Scotch whisky. In this dram, our Whisky Creations Team combine tradition and innovation to produce a classic single malt. Maturing in two styles of casks, a 110-litre cask from Koval Distillery and our specially coopered ‘Coleburn Drum’, this whisky is true to the heart of what we do at Murray McDavid.


Nose: young, malty, oatcakes, grapefruit
Palate: weet, fruity, citrus, lemon peels, honey
Finish: Coleburn Drum & Koval


Aged 8 Years
Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Region Speyside

Bottled 2016

Wood Bourbon barrel

Finish Coleburn Drum & Koval

Cask 600812, 601812, 602812

Limited Release
one of 712
70 cl ℮46% Vol