New Whisky Selection

Oct 30, 2020 | News

Last year, we were proud to bottle 21 delicious whiskies across our six Murray McDavid categories and already, our Whisky Creations Team are hard at work selecting special drams for this year’s release. Discovering new characters from casks, our team seek out the finest single malts, grains and blended whiskies, from our remarkable range of Scotch whisky maturing at Coleburn.

Our team enjoy reaching many wonderful agreements (and some entertaining disagreements) sparking playful debate surrounding the future of the casks. Each sample undergoes thorough examination; inspection of the colour and the aroma of the liquid, along with questioning the mouthfeel and the balance of flavourand finish.

We are already on course to double our production from 2017 and are hoping to produce 45 new whiskies for you all to enjoy.