Murray McDavid Autumn Release 2015

Oct 30, 2020 | News

The highly anticipated first new release of Murray McDavid bottlings is now available to our distributors and customers. This exciting range of 25 single malts, single grain, blended and vatted malts and whiskies draws from all regions of Scotland and offers an opportunity for whisky drinkers to try flavours developed through the art of maturation.

This release marks the first of planned quarterly releases from the recently refreshed Murray McDavid brand. We have moved the heart of our operations to Coleburn Distillery dunnage warehouses, and celebrate whisky through tasting parties, dances and events at both the Distillery itself and on board the ‘Murray McDavid’ 60ft traditional wooden boat, moored on the River Clyde in the heart of Glasgow.

The art of maturation is at the heart of Murray McDavid’s whisky, taking already vintage, rare and exceptional whiskies and enhancing their characteristics and flavours through maturation in casks from a variety of origins.

We hope that you will follow our progress as new releases are announced, and full tasting notes on all the bottlings are available both on our website and in our new release brochures.