YOUNG & OLD 2018 Release

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This is an extraordinary blend – 50% malt whisky and 50% grain whisky – an inspired coming together of youthful, vibrant seven year-old peated malts with an exceptional, much, much older North British grain whisky. This is no typical blended Scotch whisky – it’s a daring and rewarding dram. The richness of the fresh Oloroso hogshead nurtures the Caol Ila spirit, whilst the luscious Pedro Ximenez cask develops the Peatside, allowing its youthful peatiness to shine through. The eminently mature North British grain whisky adds more than a touch of class; it also tempers the exuberance of youth.


Nose: black treacle, sweet peat, fruit

Palate: oily charred fruit, floral, dark peat 

Finish: long, sweet, soft molasses


Aged 7 Years
  • Islay, Speyside, Lowland
  • 2018
  • Bourbon, PX, Oloroso
  • PX & Oloroso
  • 1

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