DIÙN • LAOCH Autumn 2015

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At 11 years old, this is the young hero of our Autumn 2015 ‘Mystery Malts’ release. The evolution of this dram began and finished in bourbon casks producing a light but complex spirit with bright and grassy floral aromas, with a honey, toffee, green apple and vanilla bouquet. This verdant olfactorial feast encourages the tongue to revel in the abundance of light cereal barley, sweet honey and lemon, the crispness of tropical fruits, and a delicate light vanilla crème brûlée finish. This young malt, from a renowned Speyside distillery, will keep you guessing and enjoying the mystery in your glass.
Aged 11 Years
  • Highland
  • December 2003
  • Bourbon cask
  • Sherry cask
  • 31