Coleburn Members' Day


Over the weekend, our team welcomed some of our whisky friends from across Europe.

During their visit to Coleburn, Tony and Steve demonstrated how to re-gauge a cask of whisky - a glimpse behind-the-scenes into the industry. The main purpose of a re-gauge is to measure the quantity of liquid and the levels of alcohol present, it also provides us with the perfect opportunity to assess the quality of the maturation.






Throughout the day, Dean introduced a range of drams, some are currently developing in our 'Art of Maturation' program, followed by some of our more accomplished whiskies that have completed their journey.




Drams were enjoyed in the finest of settings. On a sunny afternoon in Speyside, the group boarded the charming Keith & Dufftown Railway, enjoying a step back in time whilst appreciating the beauty of the Scottish highlands.




As the evening rolled in, the team re-grouped in Dufftown for a hearty meal at the wonderfully comforting Seven Still restaurant. As the fire burned, more drams were enjoyed and great times were had.


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